The Light-Pro Prosthesis

Light-Pro ProsthesisLight-Pro ProsthesisLight-Pro Prosthesis

The three essentials of an ideal prosthesis: 1. Socket Comfort, 2. As light as possible consistent with durability and 3. Good Alignment without the use of additional metal components. 

The most common complaint of amputees today is that their artificial limb is too heavy. In response, the research staff at Rothschild’s Orthopedic Appliances developed the lightweight prosthesis known as the Light-Pro prosthesis.

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About the The Light-Pro                    

The Best Lightweight Below Knee Prosthesis

      Why we consider the The Light-Pro prosthesis to be the best prosthesis made. Unlike most artificial limbs that are assembled from pre-made heavy metal parts, the Light-Pro is completely handmade by the prosthetist, from lightweight plastic. This results in prosthesis engineered to the patient, reducing weight by 50%-300%. 

If your prosthesis presently weighs:

9 pounds it will reduce to 2.5 pounds

5 pounds it will reduce to 2 pounds

3 pounds it will reduce to 1.5 pounds

Without compromising strength – WEIGHT MAKES A VERY BIG DIFFERENCE!

Video of our prosthetic patients in action   Light-Pro Prosthesis video
View video of our prosthetic patients in action   View our Light-Pro Prosthesis video